Monday, February 8, 2016


I have always really enojyed how Protuguese sounds when sung.

This is a track from one of my favorite Brazilian Samba artists, Cartola.

Monday, October 12, 2015

capstone mining opportunity

I seem capstone mining has risen above its 50 SMA, typically this gives a bit of movement which can make for a quick swing or two. I personally wont be partaking as I wouldn't touch this monstrosity with the reproductive organ of my worst enemy, but some are more brave than yours truly...

Prometic Life Sciences Update

This was a n ice little flipper for a while before it broke down. It recently went on a bit of a break out and the chart is starting to look interesting again.

I'm going to watch the movement but I suspect that it will bounce along the 1.80-2.00 range, affording some swing opportunities.

Most of the biotech stock I had been following/trading have been moving downward without many pullback opportunities in the right direction and the risk was too high. As a result, the blog as suffered from a lack of posting lately as I have felt a general ambivalence to the Canadian markets and what I would consider meager opportunities.

Miners have done a bit better, but with gold hitting resistance at ~1170/oz I believe most companies still are only able to offer thin margins at best, and the good ones running at around 600/oz all in costs are still getting dragged down with the rest. 

I have a number of companies I have been meaning to spotlight ones I think are a bargain deal for those who believe the sector is at, or somewhere near to bottom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clearly Canadian is Back

Clearly Canadian was an interesting story. In the early 90s they had over $100 is dales, but by 2010 had little over 10k cash in the kitty and filed for banktrupcy.

Quite the decline. But...I believe it starts to make much more sense when one look at where things started to go back and when Bobby Genovese got on board.

I sent a message to the company asking if Genovese has any current affiliation with Clearly Canadian. The response was an emphatic no.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Price Action on Tribute Pharmaceuticals

If the price action is going up, its going up.

A lot of the Biotech stocks take nice, long, runs up. RX, PLI, and GUD were good ones for me, I'm going to start following TRX.

Calibre News Release

I used to follow this company, even had shares in it years ago. They created a big buzz a few years ago with some nice holes, but the stock suffered from a drop in gold price, mediocre follow up drill results, and a poor market sentiment.

B2Gold got behind them a few years ago, which I guess made sense for the company as they also have a project in Nicaragua. IMG also took a stake in their Eastern Borosi project, which is where the below drill results are from.

Anyways, here is the table...nothing to special, but they might be getting onto something.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Remember Biosyent?

Biosyent was a stock I used to trade with a great deal of success as it moved sideways for quite some time, moving up and down from $10 and $11.

It has broken down.

It made a steady climb from under a buck to over $12. Anyone who got in early obviously did quite well. Just take a look at this chart.

I really liked trading this stock. I knew very little about the company, their products, management etc. It was just easy to trade, although volume wasn't very high.

This is a chart from last year that shows a nice sideways channel that was quite predicable.

This is what it looks like now

You can see that once it broke that $10 support level it fell pretty quickly, The more noticable dips accompanied by bigger than average volume.

It way settle somewhere again, but it looks like the game is over for now.