Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hey, do you know anyone who has Vanadium?

Sometimes in the junior sector you can't find anything serious and actual investment worthy to talk about. In fact, I find most of my conversations with other people concerned with the sector to degrade fairly quickly into poking fun at companies/CEOs/Projects etc. Its, well, to easy...and making a good investment in this sector these days is whole lot difficult.

That being said, every now and then you come across a bit of promo that is so amateurish, so poor, it becomes something special. Here is Micheal Vaughan, a financial journalist, inteviewing Lee Barker, CEO of Sparton Gold. I can't find anything on Micheal Vaughan when searching google. In fact, the results that come up are all linked to Sparton Resources.

This interview contains such epics like

"Thats always the way, all the justice you can afford!"

"That is disgusting!"

"Im seeing alot of news about Vanadium Redux Batteries these days" (wait...really..where?)

"And you might have some of the purist Vanadium in the world"

"Hey, do you know anybody who has Vanadium?"

"Now, I'm not a great scientist but I have not seen a large battery that can store as much energy in an economical way...erm...if your trying to store solar power for example, than vanadium flow batteries"

"china is making a big push to clean up their filthy air!" 

" could do a closed loop project"

"Don't give up Lee, carry on...Land it!"

The interview says that they have received a settlement which will, after legal fees, put about 250k into the companies kitty. They say the settlement is unsatisfactory, which is understandable considering that managment fees for 2014 were $275k, $400k in 2013.

Here is the video...although its not all that interesting.

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