Friday, October 31, 2014

Checking up on Biosynt and other TO Biotech stocks

I wrote up on this country in response to a PS Dave post where he bashed it as a pump and dump. Now, I never said it wasn;t but I looked at it more seriously then he did and really did think it had some potential.

I got in and out, but, have been checking up on it as I normally do with stocks that made me some money. Well, it has taken off. This is the chart when I first wrote about it

And this is how it looks now (without any Indicators as I don't need them to make my point here)

I've been looking at a number of medical/biotech companies lately,mostly based off of technical, although its not a bad area for me as it is more or less what I went to school for, but never did anything with.

I've been looking at T.GUD and T.PLI (this one I feel is good right now and can a quick buck can be made off a week long swing trade)

Michael Sata Dies!

If you do not know who Michael Sata is, don't be to hard on yourself, he was the long reining "president" of Zambia. A guy who started off sweeping streets in London and went on to become the president of his native Zambia. A story competed with only by Nicolas Maduros rise from local bus driver to President (to his credit he did serve as Minister of foreign affairs and, vice president iirc). Anyways, regardless of his spectrum of employment, he has died. Which wouldn't be an item of great interest given the that he was 77 and the human death rate being 100% but..the vice president Guy Scott is now standing in as president (some reports say he has been named intern president, other say that he has not been officially sworn in). What is significant about this? Well, it is Africas first white leader in many years since the last white guy in South Africa.

Now, I know how this might seem. African national dies and this cracker blogger is concerned about the fact that a white guy is now president. The fact is, my family has ties to colonial Africa, there are still many members of my family (which I have never met) who live in South Africa (which should concern me I suppose), and, growing up, I heard lots of talk about African politics, so it has some relevance to me.

The other day a statement came out from Obamas office stating that he was "saddened by the death" and that he hoped Zambia could "make a peaceful transition" into the new presidency. A statement I find somewhat funny as Zambia is one of the few nations where tribal opposition does not exist, Sata having genocided his competition near the beginning of his rise to country leader. Almost all power struggles in Africa exist as tribal disputes and Sata, having eliminated his, has made Zambia a somewhat peaceful far as Africa goes anyways.

If you would like to read an actual article search for it on google.

Maybe I'll post a bit again

I used to have 3 daily readers but then I stopped blogging. Was quite busy and, quite frankly, bored and uninterested in the junior scene. If I do maintain this site like I was doing for a few months about a year ago, I would change the name, or start a new one altogether. As much as the market does give me a plethora of opportunities to make snide, sarcastic, and generally useless comments about the horde of junior mining executives learning to live without access to free money, it has gotten old and..well...there are a number of guys who already do it better then I do; presumably because they still care and still have some heart to put into their bashing. I think a blog more loosely centered around my economic and market interests, not pigeon holed to the junior resource market, and anything that really interests me. That being said, there are already good, intelligent, people who do it much better then I. but I digress...

That being said, I may just become lazy, and leave the blog altogether. No promises because its my little corner of cyber space and, seeing as I do not believe anyone still checks the site, all this mulling over of the blogs direction is earnestly in vain.

Anyways...lets get on to the exciting news. I wrote a post on Bobby Genovese a while ago (can be read here) and, one of the three comments pending after months of inactivity is a reply to such post, succinctly stating that "To avoid legal pursuance regarding Defamation Law and harassment this blog much be removed immediately", posted by an Anonymous individual. I aint scared on no honky lawyer. Especially since American defamation law does not extend to Nicaragua!

Now, you may be wondering what all this incoherence actually mean (have you picked it up, I'm trying a Faulkner influenced stream of consciousness approach to my blog right now...Before you scoff and say Joyce did it much better, I will tell you not to bother because I disagree. I think Faulkner was like James Joyce is some of his endeavors, but he could tell a story)

Hasta Luego!