Friday, October 31, 2014

Checking up on Biosynt and other TO Biotech stocks

I wrote up on this country in response to a PS Dave post where he bashed it as a pump and dump. Now, I never said it wasn;t but I looked at it more seriously then he did and really did think it had some potential.

I got in and out, but, have been checking up on it as I normally do with stocks that made me some money. Well, it has taken off. This is the chart when I first wrote about it

And this is how it looks now (without any Indicators as I don't need them to make my point here)

I've been looking at a number of medical/biotech companies lately,mostly based off of technical, although its not a bad area for me as it is more or less what I went to school for, but never did anything with.

I've been looking at T.GUD and T.PLI (this one I feel is good right now and can a quick buck can be made off a week long swing trade)

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