Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is Bobby Genovese Finally Going to Get What He Deserves

It looks as if, in the course of the last few day, a number of class action lawsuits have been filed against Liberty Silver and related parties.

For those not familiar with Bobby Genovese let me take a brief moment to explain. Basically, hes some late forties, horse riding douche bag who has spent the greatest part of his "career" running pump and dump schemes on the OTCBB. Actually, its somewhat funny to read his site, which describes him as...

"Armed with high-powered marketing savvy and a penchant for picking winners, Bobby is a self-styled entrepreneur who founded his first company at age 25 with a ninth grade education and a hunger to succeed"

I mean...what the fuck does "self styled" even mean? Granted...under loose SEC over-sight and regulation he has managed to pump mountains of worthless paper to unsuspecting investor but the man has hardly picked any winners. Every company with his name attached to it has been as big a failure as his reality TV show. I have never been long, or short for that matter, in any company with which he has been involved in..but it makes me angry when piece of shit scum-bags like Bobby Genovese are allowed to continue on with their transparent scams in the face of poor, and unequipe, regulations.

Anyways....Liberty Silver has been his latest scam. I won't go into the details of this brutally illegal pump and dump, as it has been covered in other places (read a full report of Genoveses recent a prior scams here...Highly recommended), and it looks as if this time he may get caught. If he will actually get any real sentencing, who knows, but it will be nice to see this piece of shit get publicly exposed as the criminal he is. That being said Thomas Coldicutt, the guy who the SEC is accusing of selling shell companies on the OTCBB, is facing civil fraud charges in the states, so maybe the world will get lucky and Genovese will be the next target.

In the mean time...we will see if these class actions suits target him in any way.

Another heads up...US Tungsten is being ran by a closely associated with Genovese, a guy who has been part of his scams before. Would strongly recommend not having anything to do with this company.


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  3. Prick has his cottage and boats up for sale too. Looks like the noose is tightening