Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ginguro Exploration out with new results

I've been looking at this story a bit for a while. They have done some nice exploration work on a very interesting property.

Basically, they are calling it a Paleo-Placer deposit, in which an old placer deposit of gold mixed in with gravel/sediment which then hardens into rock. These types of deposits are typically higher grade and can be cheaper to extract. In this case, they are saying that the gold never solidified with the gravel/sentiment medium with which it is in, which (given an economic resource) would make it even cheaper to extract.

Granted, they are doing mostly sampling work right now...not the most exciting stuff as far as the markets are concerned.

I don't know as much about it as I would like, the team is a team of Geologists and has neglected the IR portion of their project a little (which is not necessarily a bad thing if you want to get in early), but I will be reading more over the reports as I find more time... Read news here.

This play reminds me a little bit of the Wingdam project that Omineca is under taking (eermm....trying) at the moment. Basically a buried stream of placer gold that was to deep for the gold-rushers to pan.

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