Monday, September 23, 2013

Readings for the Day

Honestly...I don't have much. Was busy most of the day.

Victoria Gold Receives QML - How long have they been waiting for this, it has seemed like for ever and a day (read here). Interesting project. Low grade, not bad IRR, good all in costs but a mother of a CAPEX. Where they will find the money without further diluting the, already diluted, stock will be interesting. I did a small write-up here a while back where I expressed my thoughts. Just as a disclaimer, I never ended up buying shares.

Torex Gold CEO on His Promises - I knew they had a decent project but it sounds like...they...delivered on promises...Odd. Here CEO Fred Stanford talks about finding a second resource on the same property, and here are some nice continued results.

JPMorgan to be fined upwards of 700million (for 6 billion in loses) - Its reading articles like that that remind me of how big some institutions can be, and what they can do. Just reading how much wrong doing there is in the article and how criminal it all Read here

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