Thursday, September 19, 2013

Readings for the Day

Anglo pulls the plug on Pebble in Alaska - Remeber when Cynthia Carrol said they would pull out of Alaska if they didn't have local support. Well...they don't have local support. Expensive write-off, but seems like the right decision nonetheless. I recall reading that a big opposition to the project was the fear that if something went wrong it would mean hell for Bristol Bay. Granted...but Alaska, and Alaskan locals, in my opinion, need to realize exactly where their wealth is held. Resources are one of the largest opportunities possibilities in the state. Perhaps the fisheries is deemed more important. Read here.

More news on the Gabriel Resources fiasco - I suppose there is a protest against the proposed mine because it will ruin 4 mountain tops which are "potential tourist areas"...yea, because the tourism stats for Romania are something to be proud of... This is unfortunate for shareholders as so much of this struggle seems to be due to political posturing. A good overview can be found here

Gold Standard Ventures drills 98 meters of 3.26 g/t Au - Press release here. Sounds quite good but it must be noted that this is really a 7 meter step out hole from a previously drilled hole. Not too bad, but should be noted. Stock was up nearly 17% on the day.

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