Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nica Life


Its been a while since I´ve last post and, while this post wont be of any real substance, I just want to show a little sign of life.

The gold market seems to be looking up, with a solid break past the 1280 point which was a main level of resistance. Good timing as well as I think it made for a decievingly large upswing in the juniors given that most of them were battered down on tax loss selling.

The lack of posting has resulted in a number of issues which have arisen for me here in Nicaragua. After doing a few property deals here in Nicaragua I have found myself unable to touch any of the money in the account. Learn from my mistake, if you ever open a bank account in Nicaragua, do it with BanCentro o BAC. All others are blatantly incompentant and inept.

Interestingly enough, I´ve even been able to get the Sandanistas on my side fighting my little bank battle, never hought it would happen but here I am...waiting until somebody resolves an issue that never needed to happen in the first place. Remember, manana doesn´t actually mean tomorrow just not today.

Brief recap of my junior activities
 -Bought back into Sabina, looking for a nice swing up to 1.40
-A stock I had for a very long time, that I was never able to sell, Volcanic Minerals, whot up to 28 cents from roughly 4 cents a few weeks ago on news that they are going into the tech industry with their 500k in the treasurey.
-Finally bit the bullet and let go of that bag known to me as CXB. The fact that I bought it through a TFSA and have no eligibility for tax credit (iiuc) in salt in the wound.

As it shows, havent really been doing alot.

I was surpirsed at how easily gold broke through the 1280 mark. I think we will seen one more down turn, testing that same zone before we will really see where the market is at.

Anyways...Olympic Hockey!

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