Tuesday, March 4, 2014

He's Alive! Danny Boy that is...

Well, after 10 days of rest, supposedly he finally came out to squash the rumors of his death. I paid a few grains of salt to these rumors as I saw him 10 days ago addressing the Sandinistas in Managua and he looked bad. He had his entourage so close that they appeared to be propping him up. He looked deathly pale and without his usual exuberance. After that, he went missing for 10 days, only to pop up today.

I've been here a little over 2 years and it has been interesting to see his place in Nicaraguan society. A very polarized character but I believe he has the majority in his favor. His government, for all the bad, has done more good than anyone in recent times (not that I could really know). Of course, it only took (among many other things) a communist backed revolution, a less than admirable pact with the 1996 Constitutionalist Liberal Party (PLC) leader/thief Arnoldo Alemán, and an illegal changing of the constitution which allowed him to run for presidency for as long as he is physically able to.

But such is Latin American politics. I mean, hey, when both parties have dead people voting for them you can't expect anyone to play fair.

The general attitude I receive when engaged in political conversations with Nicaraguans is that the man is a patriot, based on the fact that he has stolen the least and given back the most as anyone in recent memory. Its still a grand shit show and nothing really works even remotely like it is supposed to but hey, at least people are receiving free rice and beans and baby medicine when they need it.

in Junior resource news, Sabina put out a nice resource update today. Stock is still trading in the low 90s, but the chart gives me reason to believe that once the break at $1 is confirmed a nice ride up to nearly 1.40 could make for a good swing. Read the release here.

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