Monday, March 10, 2014

Biosynt (RX)

I wrote about this company originally as a response to a post by PS Dave about a V listed biotech company I had never heard about. He had less than admirable things to say about the company, but with a chart like this, what does it matter. I sold out way before. I thought a dollar gain was good enough (and why not complain) but having another look today, must be a nice feeling to have been in the sub $1 levels and holden long.

I was skeptical that it was a real pump job as, having had worked with supplement type companies before they are more interested in building a good balance sheet company by selling items with questionable efficacy than running a typicall VSE or Louis Loboto James type pump scheme. As well, they only have 13.6 million shares out, no rollbacks/forwards under a previous name, and no one who I have known to be associated.

But...what do I really know anyways.

To bad there aren't larger blocks on the ask side, could make for a good scalp if one is so inclined.

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