Saturday, March 15, 2014

Does Radiohead really suck?

Seems to be what IWNATTOS is on about right now. Posting excerpts from the angsty David Thorpes "your band sucks column" over at Something Awful, a site that the internets have essentially forgotten by all except their resident neckbeards and  hentai/tentacle porn aficionados.

I've been a fan for many years and quite like the majority of their work. That being said, I'll agree Thom Yorke can be quite annoying when hes doing anything other than playing music. I went to a show once in Vancouver and the fucker broke out into political/save the environment speech.

That being said, musically, they can be quite good. Even Brad Mehldau agrees, having done his own renditions of a number of Radiohead tracks. Not going to appeal to authority, but c'mon, the man is one of the best Jazz pianists breathing, the guy knows music. Here's Brand Mehldau playing one of my favorite Radiohead tracks, "Knives out".

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