Monday, October 12, 2015

Prometic Life Sciences Update

This was a n ice little flipper for a while before it broke down. It recently went on a bit of a break out and the chart is starting to look interesting again.

I'm going to watch the movement but I suspect that it will bounce along the 1.80-2.00 range, affording some swing opportunities.

Most of the biotech stock I had been following/trading have been moving downward without many pullback opportunities in the right direction and the risk was too high. As a result, the blog as suffered from a lack of posting lately as I have felt a general ambivalence to the Canadian markets and what I would consider meager opportunities.

Miners have done a bit better, but with gold hitting resistance at ~1170/oz I believe most companies still are only able to offer thin margins at best, and the good ones running at around 600/oz all in costs are still getting dragged down with the rest. 

I have a number of companies I have been meaning to spotlight ones I think are a bargain deal for those who believe the sector is at, or somewhere near to bottom.

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