Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Post about Joran Van der Sloot

Yes..I'm a little late to the party when it comes to the whole Van der Sloot case. I heard about the case when it was receiving news coverage but never really looked into it.

Natalee Holloways' unsolved disappearance, the murder of Stephani Flores, Van der Sloots strange confessions, their subsequent retractions, and schemes, has been of great interest to me as of late.

Having spent the last 3 years living in Nicaragua, I have seen a number of foreigners who are not quite right in the head commit rather serious crimes and become the subject of local interest for it. The majority of these people, I found, had many similarities to what has been written about Van der Sloots character, basically a problem with vices (whether is be Gambling, booze, drugs, or women).

Anyways, I ended coming across a copy of the love letters that he had sent to a women he impregnated and married while in one of Perus toughest prisons..or supposedly so.
So..what does it say?

For the love of my life:

Each day that passes I realize something very, but very, important, the beauty that you are, the extraordinary that you are with me, you make me very happy. I truly love you, and it is not only an obligation, I have already decided to love you with all my soul. I want to spend the rest of my life together with you, and for this I am very happy. I can imagine, think, believe but there is nobody better for me then you, in my eyes you are perfect. I only ask one thing of you, that I be your reason to be and exist as well, that you love me with madness if possible and that you give all of yourself to loving me. That you don't let anything stop you from loving me (I'm going to translate it this way as I think its the closest thing to what he is trying to say in English) and that you do not lie to me.

I know that it sounds very egotistical; it is only because I as as well am ready to do the same, love you with madness, passion, respect, compassion, support, and all that is necessary and that you ask of me. I am going to give you all that is within my reach to make you the happiest women in the world, that you do not desire anything but to be together in this life with me.

By yours always, Joran

Quite fantastical indeed. Granted, it does sound a little less up in the clouds in Spanish then it does in English, as Spanish does make much more room for romanticism that English, but still...a bit much for a women he only met through the visiting hours.

The women to whom Joran is writing has stated that she does not fear him, that she sees him as a changed man. Many believed that his marriage was an attempt to circumvent extradition to the USA, and, apparently, the Peruvian laws change if the person is a resident.

I knew a guy in Nicaragua who ran over a man in his truck one morning after a night of drinking. He owned a hostel outside of the city in the woods which was notorious for the same things that he was known for, drinking and drug use. He ran over the man, then assaulted a few people who tried to stop him from fleeing the scene. Rumors also state he assaulted police officers when they arrived and tried to detain him.

Either way, he went to jail, and they put him in the worst of the cells, before his lawyer finally got him moved to a better place.

When the man was released (his family had paid the victims family some amount of money was the story) there was a large group of people waiting outside with rocks and bottles, which they threw at him as he got into his transportation.

He was public enemy number one for a while. The man was not right, he had issues which were obvious to any half way sane person who had spoken with him. Like Joran, he was a compulsive liar who was victim to him own vices but, above all, by no means a stupid man.

Anyways...there was no point to this post, but its my blog and I can write what ever I want on it!

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