Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Timber! Oh, How the Might Have Fallen!

Now, I know these posts have absolutely no value what so ever, but over at My Own Market Narrative he is posting tell all, uncensored, graphs of carnage.... (Graphs of brutal destruction, shareholders clutching their bags, uttering incoherently over their folly for not selling. Junior mining execs wandering down Howe in fugue looking desperately for money, while execs of majors shoot past their starved, angry, share holders in golden parachutes. Humanity goes on, money flows into ETFs and Biostock companies, people realize the American economy isn't actually that bad, that no one really cares about what North America thinks in regards to gold; That the imminent economic collapse, the one that would make that ol' yellow metal oh so powerful (why wasn't there a subsequent rise in Tuna canning companies?) never really happened. "Its real money, its real money" they shout, clutching their paper shares and futures contracts. The lizard people move into the final phase of their take over, laughing as they hack the heads off of each defeated, downtrodden, gold bug "Its not money you god damn asshole" they shout just before their steel machete comes down).....I thought I would as well.

Lets begin with Barrick...ouch, what a dive. I guess that is what you get for sucking. we have I Am about I Am Shit. That what you get Steve Letwin for going on BNN in a black muscle shirt. And what about that "touting low grade" business? I'm pretty sure it only works if you practice low spending as well.
And how about your assault on costs?...More like assault on share price and shareholder value (Baamm!) Oh...and were you not brought in because the guy before you loaded the pipeline up with shit projects? Nice job.
Next Up..Tower Hill Mines. Now, this wasn't so much a victum of market conditions as much as it was a victim of being a scam, but still..its graph is like seeing your best friends wifes' bush. You know you should look away but you cannot find the resolve to do it.
Here is El Dorado gold (I changed it too weekly chart to make it look better). I don't actually know much about them except for that their chart sucks. I would like to make a snide comment or two, but I cannot. Anyways, let let the graph speak for itself.
This one isn't really fair as it is a Bobby Genovese company, and as such was never intended to make money or be a positive investment for shareholders, but none-the-less I will include, if only because a number of people in the news letter writing world, and few people on the board of directors actually believed that you could take a mine that was no longer operable at silver prices 35 years ago could be profitable now. Without further adue, Libery Silver ladies and gentlemen.
Here is SAMEX mining, it was also a scam and I actually did do a write up about it but never finished. Anyways, it took an even bigger kick in the nuts that it got delisted to the nexus board of the venture exchange. Thats like...your not even legit enough for the V, which is a hard concept to wrap your head around. 

I would do more..but maybe later.  I'm going to go watch Law and Order and drink beer.

Until next time... 


How could I forget Kinross. God lord! May god have mercy on their share holders. But..seriously, if someone was dumb enough to hold on all the way until now there isn't a lot of sympathy on my behalf.


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