Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Oh God, The Humanity, The Carnage; The Clive and his Bema2Gold

What a fall. Remember when everyone thought that the Clive and crew were immortal, that they could create shareholder value even at $12/oz gold. That they could keep on taking out loans to buy out projects and everything would be peachy, that they could release almost 1 billion shares (yes...that's what I said 1 fucking billion shares) and everything would be nice and rosy. That everyone would join hands and dance around in a circle.

I suppose if you bought at 25 cents you are still happy, but still. The market has left even our greatest, most infallible heroes sunken and trodden upon. And yes, the Clive was a hero of mine. But how the great have fallen. Market sucks, gold price sucks..yes, we all know, but BTO did weather the storm quite well for a while. I think people are getting cold feet by the amount of paper being printed for projects who PEAs have been a bit underwhelming in the past (*cough* Gramalot *cough*)

There is no reason or point to this post, and I recognize that...I just...don't know what to say. Only saving grace is that I don't own any BTO.

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